Coastal Cruisers

Set your course.....

These bags are made from nautical charts and topographic maps that are printed on treated (fabric varnish)  cotton twill so they are soft and supple yet water and dirt resistant.  This collection includes totes, clutches and cross body bags.  



Totes are a popular style among a 40+ demographic. Their understated style and personalized location makes them a fabulous gift.   Totes are available with a 1/2" leather strap.  They are lined with a zippered pocket and a magnetic close.

"Barbara I've been meaning to email you and tell you how many compliments I got on your bag. I was in Washington DC if you weeks ago and someone stopped me on the elevator. I was in Macy's today in Warwick and the clerk wanted to know where I got it from. It's awesome and I'm really enjoying it. Thank you"



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Extremely popular.  Clutches can be ordered in two sizes, they are made of treated cotton twill, piping (in several colors) accentuates their crisp style.   They are lined and have a zippered pocket.    



These are two new styles that have been very popular.   The Overnighter is 17 x 20 and has zipper close, interior zippered pocket, leather handles and an adjustable cotton webbing strap.  The Weekender is 20 x 30 and has two zippered pockets, rolled leather handles and a leather strap.


Sheeply Chic

Sheeply Chic is a collection of colorful and unique felted wool bags. These bags won the RI Monthly "Best of" Editors Pick in 2014. 

Most are wool, some are a combination of wool and silk or wool and alpaca.  Each one is knitted, felted and shaped by me.   Care and cleaning is surprisingly easy. Felting is a wet process so soaking or even hand washing a bag will insure that it stays as lovely as the day it was purchased.

These bags come in almost any color -- most popular are neutral (greys, and browns), equally as popular are brights (orange, plum, strawberry, ).  Just give me a call and I'll tell you what I have in stock or what is in process.

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This handbag is named because of it's handle - horse bit referred to as a "broken bit".  Very popular among equestrians and non-equestrians.  It doesn't have a particular demographic appeal.  The bit is more comfortable over the shoulder than it looks, however I have offered a strap option, which has been popular.  Comes with a stiff bottom so it doesn't sag.  Bits come in nickel. 



 A small version of the Cowboy, this bag is the perfect cocktail bag.  It is 100% wool and has a pony bit handle.

Tiverton Tote shown in "Ochre" with Eggplant leather.

Tiverton Tote shown in "Ochre" with Eggplant leather.

Tiverton Tote

 Featured bag in 2014 Best of Rhode Island. These totes come in a variety of handle options, colors and textures.