Jack + Cookie

Jack + Cookie handbags are made of beautiful, resilient 3mm merino wool felt from Germany, with zippers that are handmade in Switzerland. Leather straps and handles are crafted from Hermann Oak leather by Springfield Leather in Springfield, MO.

You can choose from "ready-mades", or custom order in a wonderful variety of colors that you can mix or match to your heart’s content (almost).  Care and cleaning of your Jack + Cookie bag is easier than you think!  Lanolin, the thin waxy coating on wool fibers, makes wool naturally water and soil resistant.  Minor spots can be wiped with a damp cloth and in the event your bag is run over by a bus, the hardware comes off and it can be gently soaked in mild soapy water.   You can also bring your bag to the BABS studio for cleaning.

The Jack + Cookie collection includes: Fledermaus, KangaTwo, Joey, Courier, Ives, Ivy and Cookie.