BABS handbags

an award-winning collection of
hand-crafted handbags that includes:


Sheeply Chic

A collection of colorful and unique felted wool bags.  Most are wool or a combination of wool, silk, mohair or alpaca.


Jack + Cookie

Made of beautiful, resilient 3mm merino wool felt from Germany with leather straps and handles made from Hermann Oak leather.

Choose from "ready-mades", or custom order in a wonderful variety of colors that you can mix or match to your heart’s content (almost).


Coastal & City Cruisers

Set your course.....

These bags are made from nautical charts and topographic maps printed on treated cotton twill so they are water and dirt resistant.  The collection includes totes, clutches and cross body bags. Contact me for more information about available charts and custom designs.


BABS is a life-long love affair with fiber, fashion and color.

Barbara, a Colorado native, moved to Rhode Island with her husband, Linc and daughter Christine in the 90's.  

On a quest to find something to balance long hours of technical writing and to feed her sewing/creative side, Barbara discovered felted handbags at a local bead/yarn store.  A somewhat knitter, she bought a pattern, wool, and needles.   The project, while satisfying, underscored the saying,   "it is not as easy as it looks".   Never-the-less she persevered and eventually a hot dog-shaped handbag emerged and a passion was born

A studio in the Hope Artiste Village provided just the space and creative energy to take a hobby to the next level.

For the last 6 years, Barbara has been designing and creating handbags, one-bag-at-a-time. 

When she isn't in the studio handcrafting handbags, she is on the road in the BABSmobile on her way to the next trunk show. 

Barbara also serves on the executive board of the Foundry Artists Association. 



Wool is a natural fiber harvested from sheep. Sheep's wool is highly regarded for its crimped, elastic fibers that are easily felted to form a fabric that cannot be pulled apart. This translates into durability, excellent dye ability, resistance to flame and compression, and thermal and sound insulation. Plus, this natural fiber is a rapidly renewable resource (it grows back!) and is 100% biodegradable.

Wool felt is a natural product. The processing of wool requires very little environmental impact compared to other natural fibers or man-made fibers. 

Natural lanolin protects the fibers  and will keep your bag looking like new.  In the worst case,    Sheeply Chic and Jack + Cookie wool bags  can be spot cleaned or safely soaked (like a fine sweater) in warm water.